My First impressions of the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter

There are many drones out there but none compare with the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. The flying camera captures HD quality footage and is small enough to fit into the tightest spaces. I purchased the Phantom 3 in hopes of it being as good as any other drone. As it turns out, the newest DJI gadget is even better than I imagined and certainly superior to other devices in its class.


HD Quality is Everything

I didn’t know what high definition (HD) quality on a small device such as the drone was until after I purchased the Phantom 3 quadcopter. The pristine appearance of videos taped by this gadget will put any standard recorder to shame, let alone the latest drone.

Smartphone Connection Makes Field Viewing Possible

Taped footage is no longer a mystery thanks to the Phantom’s wireless capabilities that allow you to connect on the go. I can capture footage and view it on my smartphone or tablet while in the field. Videos are played back in HD quality, which only adds to the incentive of having this beauty.


It Feels Good to be In Control

The DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter comes with a remote control that allows users to easily access their most used features. Another thing that keeps me in control is the built-in lightbridge that allows me to communicate with my device from 1.2 miles away. Anyone who knows a little bit about drones and filming understands the importance of communicating with your device while it is recording in the sky.

My Wish is its Command

Time is of the essence when you have an expensive device flying in the air. This is why the command feature that allows me to give my drone instructions is so important. Contrary to other gadgets in its class that hesitate when given an order, the Phantom 3 follows instructions immediately and, in so doing, gives me complete peace of mind.

I can tell my drone to hover over a certain spot for an extended period of time or return to me with one push of a button. The device’s preferences can also be tailored to suit my needs.


Vision Positioning is a Breeze

So you want to change the focus of your Phantom drone? No problem. I discovered the ease of vision positioning while enjoying a day of filming nature in the field. My drone automatically changed its flying tactics when it got to a tree whose leaves where unusually low. I was so certain that it would get caught in the tree’s branches that I began making my way towards the device with plans to free it from its bondage. It wasn’t until I arrived at the location where I thought the device was stuck that I realized my drone had navigated through the greenery and was still recording.

As it turns out, the Phantom 3 has vision and sensor technology that allows it to identify obstacles that may cause it to either get stuck or fall to the ground. The drone, therefore, changes its position upon detecting such threats and manages to keep filming while averting the threat. How cool is that?


It Doesn’t Take Rocket Science to Fly

Well, it may take rocket science to fly other devices but not the DJI Phantom 3. Simple instructions that practically any user can follow got me in the air within minutes of taking the device out of the box. The automatic intelligence of the gadget only enhances my experience as I can literally sit back and watch the video while my drone flies around the neighborhood.

The Power Behind the Drone

There are many gadgets out there but the verdict of my DJI Phantom review is that DJI Phantom 3 surpasses the competition because of its central control system, called MAIN, that processes commands and coordinates communication between you and your device. The MAIN system has a GPS feature that is unrivaled by most in addition to analytical technology that evaluates data in real time for better flying results.